Workout Attire

lululemon gymshark Workout Yoga Attire apparel Comfortable and Stylish, SEA-Malls | Curated | Quality | Value | Convenience

Workout attire is an important addition to your wardrobe. Whether you perform light workouts like yoga or high-intensity weight-bearing exercises, the attire you have for your workout sessions should be comfortable, moisture-absorbing, breathable and durable. It should fit you well, stay in place and of course, make you look great while you’re wearing it. It is not easy to find a piece of clothing that will give the best performance in all the workout routines.

Your workout attire is needed to have stretch recovery, moisture management, pilling resistance and good washability. Usually, synthetic fibres like nylon and polyester are better than cotton for workout attire because they are more absorbing, durable and have better stretching capabilities. You should always have a smooth fabric to reduce chafing in high-impact activities such as running. On the other hand, for studio workouts like yoga where there is less friction against your body, choose a soft and highly stretchable fabric.

Workout attire that fits well can literally support you and help you get hyped to exercise. Moreover, nothing is more discouraging during a workout than ill-fitting and sweaty clothes. The perfect workout clothes should hug your body firmly and make you feel confident and strong.

lululemon gymshark Workout Yoga Attire apparel Comfortable and Stylish, SEA-Malls | Curated | Quality | Value | Convenience

Intense workouts are not comfortable. We feel tired, sweaty, but the right attire makes all the difference. Proper workout attire inhibits annoyances like chafing, wet spots, heat-trapping and much more. It saves you from pointless distractions, so you can focus on the task at hand. Comfortable workout clothing will make you feel and act lighter, faster and more capable. It will help you push yourself further and accomplish much more in the gym. You need to find items that are not only functional and perform well, but also look stylish on your body.

Yoga Pants

Great-fitting yoga pants can make all the difference when it comes to you practising yoga. When you have to find the best yoga pants, there are a few factors to consider. They should be versatile, comfortable and sleek enough for relaxed body movement. Yoga pants are so relaxing due to their supreme softness and flattering fit.

lululemon gymshark Workout Yoga Attire apparel Comfortable and Stylish, SEA-Malls | Curated | Quality | Value | Convenience

They offer a stylish look for all body types and are one of the most pleasing workout attire options. They are made with performance-ready fabrics that will keep you cool during sweaty workouts. If you prefer something that you can also lounge in at home, opt for cotton yoga pants.

With several options that feature varying rises, pocket details and multiple length selections, yoga pants are perfect for posing, stretching, lounging and beyond. Attire plays a crucial role in the enjoyment and comfort of your yoga flow sessions. High quality yoga sets maintain their quality and look as good as new even after hundreds of gym & yoga sessions and just as many machine washes. Mostly, yoga pants also feature pockets that can be used to keep your keys or phone. With an elastic waistband, yoga pants are perfect for maximum body movement and increased fitting.


Leggings are one of the best choices for sports and workout sessions. Leggings are a great fit and provide firm support to your legs. This compressed fit enhances overall circulation which can decrease your energy expenditure. They are great for keeping your body temperature regulated as you work out. Because they fit your body like a second skin, leggings are made for protecting your legs from the super chilly winds and burning hot sun.

lululemon gymshark Workout Yoga Attire apparel Comfortable and Stylish, SEA-Malls | Curated | Quality | Value | Convenience

This form-fitting piece of workout attire provides the greatest combination of comfort and performance. Suitable for any weather, workout routine and body type, leggings are extremely versatile. They have evolved to feature innovative details like hidden key pockets, reflective fabric, breathable mesh and moisture-wicking technology. They can help you keep your workout look fresh and stylish.

Leggings are breathable, lightweight, and you can wear them for hours on end. Due to their firm grip, they provide support for your muscles while you are training. Not only are they extremely comfortable for performing several types of workout activities but are also stylish enough to be worn elsewhere after your workout sessions. As versatile as they are, leggings will only be as good as your own ability to find the best ones. Apart from all other factors involved in choosing the finest workout leggings, keep in mind that you must never sacrifice fashion for function and vice versa.

Sports Bras

Whether you are walking, running or exercising in a gym, sports bra can help you in making these sessions extremely comfortable. They are supportive and easy to get on and off. Sports bras are durable and good-looking at the same time. They give you a more compressed feeling than a regular bra as it holds you in but is in no way constricting or uncomfortable.

If you sweat a lot, sports bras are perfect for you as they wick moisture from your skin. They keep you from smelling fowl. Rather than just having a moisture-wicking fabric, high-quality sports bras have minimal seams and stitching to help reduce friction during exercise, especially in activities like running where there is a lot of movement. They come in a variety of designs, shapes, tiers of support and fabrics, but the one you choose depends on your personal preferences and activity level. Also, if you have trouble finding a good fit, you can have one with adjustable straps.

lululemon gymshark Workout Yoga Attire apparel Comfortable and Stylish, SEA-Malls | Curated | Quality | Value | Convenience

Performing regular exercise is important for your overall health and mental well-being but what you wear during your workout is just as important. The workout attire you choose can have a considerable impact on your performance. Other than helping you get into the right mindset to tackle a gym session; proper workout attire also provides a number of other advantages as well. Having breathable clothing that wicks away moisture from your skin and keeps you dry is going to make a substantial difference in how you feel. For a better experience, your best choice is to select flexible attire that allows your body to move freely.

lululemon gymshark Workout Yoga Attire apparel Comfortable and Stylish, SEA-Malls | Curated | Quality | Value | Convenience

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