Smart Fitness Abdominal Training with Wireless Muscle Stimulator

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Smart Fitness Abdominal Training with Wireless Muscle Stimulator

Innovate your way to that beach body with a six-pack that does not need you to invest hours in the gym! Use the latest technology and hack your way to that amazing toned body you’ve always wanted.
1. Firms, Tones, Strengthens and Tightens Muscles
2. Electromagnetic pulses help firm and define your core by strengthening muscle contractions
3. Easy push-button operation with 6 modes.
4. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) Technology
5. 1 day 1 time, every 30 minutes of training, Exercise and tight muscles.
6. Using the original training pulse with the frequency of the specific current
7. Design the training method of effective exercise muscles
Colour for pad: Black
Auto programs: Scraping, Massage, Acupuncture, tapping, combination.
Power by: AAA battery(not included)
Certificate: CE/EMC,ROHS
Package Include:
3* Devices
3* Pads (have clear Gel Patch on pad already)
1* User Manual
1* Retail Box

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Verified Buyer
23 Jun 2021 15:50

Got it right, fast, as did a test very good

Verified Buyer
22 Jun 2021 14:30

Thanks store grown in ten days

Verified Buyer
22 Jun 2021 05:30

Quick receipt in 15 days, according to the description works properly. Easy to use

Verified Buyer
21 Jun 2021 16:38

Product all in tact. String current. Great

Verified Buyer
21 Jun 2021 07:47

All OK, really like this sea-malls store!

Verified Buyer
20 Jun 2021 10:55

Came and works perfectly. But the hard is used to the stimuli… This shock that gives is kinda encômodo… But seems that gives result.

Verified Buyer
20 Jun 2021 07:37


Verified Buyer
19 Jun 2021 09:02

Arrived all pretty fast. Yet I have not used.

Verified Buyer
19 Jun 2021 05:18

The product is satisfied, thank you! The parcel arrived in Ukraine in 2 weeks

Verified Buyer
19 Jun 2021 00:46

The parcel went within a month, the goods are satisfied, when transporting the box a little crumpled, but on the product it did not reflect)) until I tried, because there were no batteries needed, how to test-I'll add a review. Thanks to the store :))

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2021 13:24

Well received easy to handle for daily training while working in the house where to walk

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2021 13:02

I ordered 16.01.20 came on 17.02.20. Works.

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2021 10:33

I ordered 27.11. Received 18.12. The husband is still mastering the instructions. I did not try. Packed neatly. Externally looks like in the picture. Later I will add a review.

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2021 09:35

Perfect quality, punctual delivery, I can recommend this store to everyone!

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2021 05:44

Super fast shipping. Works well. i will add the result.

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2021 04:16

Thank you, came. but, haven't checked yet. I hope will work.

Verified Buyer
18 Jun 2021 02:20

The goods received everything is OK I will try

Verified Buyer
17 Jun 2021 13:21

Product arrived in perfect condition, on time, without delay and without problems.

Verified Buyer
16 Jun 2021 08:34

Is the first time I used it just for test if is it works or not

Verified Buyer
15 Jun 2021 10:17

I received it very long after the order (+ 1 month later) but it is beautiful and well arrived I am very happy!. The packaging box is completely caboose but it is not a problem because the product inside is intact! I forced to close the case and I broke the closure, that's why I had to put tape but it works very well so I have no problem with that! I am very happy with my purchase and it is a value on I recommend it!

Verified Buyer
14 Jun 2021 04:42

Very fast wysłka recommend. Now time for test

Verified Buyer
13 Jun 2021 14:26

The goods came without packaging (wrapped only in a doll), but everything works. Delivery to Moscow three weeks.

Verified Buyer
13 Jun 2021 13:52

The quality of super only native Velcro is not for a long time better immediately additional order. Massage modes liked

Verified Buyer
13 Jun 2021 05:23

Works, on the stomach is not very felt, but on the hands is palpable, 6 modes

Verified Buyer
12 Jun 2021 11:18

12 days to St. Petersburg. The packing is excellent, the batteries bought in advance, everything works, all the covers are closed tightly, the buttons are kept well. For ballet norms works. modes are different, in addition took 5 pads until I used. to store Thank you for fast shipment.

Verified Buyer
11 Jun 2021 22:26

Order received! Of course it's more like a toy. The benefits from it will not really be much!

Verified Buyer
11 Jun 2021 20:25

The goods were a month. Everything arrived as in the description. Checked for efficiency, the unit is working.

Verified Buyer
11 Jun 2021 08:51

Niquel works well for now see in the long run

Verified Buyer
10 Jun 2021 09:02

Correct packing. The article looks quality and works. To see in the duration

Verified Buyer
10 Jun 2021 03:52

We'll try it on the look so draw

Verified Buyer
10 Jun 2021 03:23

Perfect I ordered this apreille already on other site more known and much more expensive and it's finally exactly the same

Verified Buyer
10 Jun 2021 00:55

Thank you! To Moscow a month. Quality is good. Everything is well packed.

Verified Buyer
9 Jun 2021 19:53

Delivered to Berdsk NSO in 20 days.

Verified Buyer
9 Jun 2021 16:55

It came in good condition you have to try it

Verified Buyer
9 Jun 2021 09:48

I have tried, contracted muscles fine

Verified Buyer
9 Jun 2021 09:32

Good quality! Received in three weeks. Still didn’t try it.

Verified Buyer
7 Jun 2021 19:39

The product took quite a while to arrive (understandable by context at the global level), but the wait was worth it. While the box arrived a little crushed the EMS is intact. By using it you can feel the level change in the electrical charges, particularly it helps me with muscle contraception.

Verified Buyer
7 Jun 2021 15:13

Item received very quickly (a week). Everything was well packaged and everything works properly! I wait a few weeks to see if there are any results... But I advise, good value for money!

Verified Buyer
7 Jun 2021 03:36

Love it and it works well. Thanks

Verified Buyer
6 Jun 2021 03:30

Everything is whole, it works, delivery is a fast good store.

Verified Buyer
5 Jun 2021 20:52

got the ems.. its seems accurate as the product description. i have no idea that using gelpads. its better store can give youtube video or instructions for using gelpads. will figure out somehow. thanx seller

Verified Buyer
5 Jun 2021 05:26

The order came works fine thanks for the order. Order from this store will not regret.

Verified Buyer
5 Jun 2021 05:17

Haven’t tried it yet but the packaging is really fine !

Verified Buyer
5 Jun 2021 02:20

Thank you. Delivery to SPB 11.11.-05.12.19. Without batteries. I haven't checked the case yet.

Verified Buyer
5 Jun 2021 01:30

Beats of course well, let's see the result in a month

Verified Buyer
4 Jun 2021 08:35

Delivery is fast, less than a month. Packing is just in the package. While working normally, large enough sizes. Came without batteries.

Verified Buyer
4 Jun 2021 04:55

Fast delivery, as I check I will add feedback

Verified Buyer
3 Jun 2021 16:38

Exelente arrived before the date

Verified Buyer
3 Jun 2021 11:19

Well packaged but should still be a little more because a box was downright crush but everything is impeccable fortunately not yet try.

Verified Buyer
3 Jun 2021 09:21

Delivery in my case is fast. The product description corresponds completely. Everything works great. Not on all muscles you can put a maximum, it hurts! So take it, you will not regret) the son calls these exercise machines-a dusty tool, not for слабонервных))) I'm very happy with the purchase. The only combination with additional loads and the effect will not make yourself wait long) all good mood and successful purchases! Seller Thank you!

Verified Buyer
2 Jun 2021 13:25

Order successfully arrived ... Quality test will be performed.

Verified Buyer
2 Jun 2021 09:44

Very good product. Came fast, and after installing batteries, work nice. Stimulating perfectly. Thank You, recommend this store

Verified Buyer
2 Jun 2021 01:26

-The product corresponds to the description ....-... Packed, a weak box of goods in "trash" (see. Photo), "product" did not suffer ..! -"parcel" was 44 days, the store respect!, and thank you! -for responsiveness and prompt sending of goods! ...-but fat minus-for flimsy packaging!!! -... When "product" I will test-I will add my feedback...!

Verified Buyer
2 Jun 2021 00:54

Very interesting sensations, I do not know the truth how this will affect the stomach and press. I still advised everyone to try. Thanks to the store I put the class.

Verified Buyer
1 Jun 2021 23:09

Everything came in excellent condition, working. In total there are 3 consoles and everyone needs 2 AAA batteries, so buy in advance)

Verified Buyer
1 Jun 2021 08:20

It's arrived well and quite quickly. I recommend though I should try working.

Verified Buyer
30 May 2021 04:27

At first I did not know how to strengthen the power, it seemed that the bullshit, and then I looked in yutuba that I'm happy with the purchase! (only a knowledgeable English guy got to the inscription in the instruction exclaimed sign that a deadly outcome is possible!-affects the heart, apparently just in moderation to use it and given its well-being)

Verified Buyer
29 May 2021 20:10

Satisfied with! Seller recommend! Everything works fine, did not think that a strong effect!

Verified Buyer
29 May 2021 04:20

I'll test it, but it feels funny. It's like a supplement to classes.

Verified Buyer
28 May 2021 23:43

The product description is very accurate, arrived fast, only the manual is very poor

Verified Buyer
28 May 2021 13:16

Arrive very quickly compliant product and works very well I recommend this store

Verified Buyer
28 May 2021 12:19

Very well packed, ordered on 13.01 arrived in two weeks. I also ordered additional gel pads. I will write another review after I use it for a while.

Verified Buyer
28 May 2021 04:22

The box of honest came, but everything quickly enough came to Murmansk until I checked!

Verified Buyer
27 May 2021 10:19

Shipping super fast. 11.01 ordered, 27.01 received. Reductions are felt. Let's see in a month

Verified Buyer
27 May 2021 06:44

Fast delivery. It can works and what will be effects and whether in general I will find for some time. Somehow works Puki Co. For the money is OK.

Verified Buyer
27 May 2021 03:59

All perfect. Arrived ben 2 weeks before expected. Material really good.. Now missing just try it! Board absolutely! 5 stars

Verified Buyer
27 May 2021 01:33

Arrived super fast I super recommend!!!

Verified Buyer
26 May 2021 10:21

Well, I decided to try that when I remember a long time ago a lot of advertising in the "shop on the couch" thing is interesting, I do not know honestly what it will give the result, but the muscles reduce quite not bad, this is then on the second mode) as even a massager it can be used) for such money to take it is definitely not a pity. Therefore I recommend the product and the store) delivery fast Week 3 to Kaliningrad.

Verified Buyer
25 May 2021 05:05

It came quickly. Description everything corresponds to thanks

Verified Buyer
24 May 2021 19:13

Product was ship very quick, and I got it a couple days later

Verified Buyer
24 May 2021 01:53

The store is excellent, the order is fast

Verified Buyer
23 May 2021 09:07

Fast shipping. Accurate product, I still trying the product. I’ll comment to see if it really helps produce abs.

Verified Buyer
23 May 2021 06:42

The goods received in time, the customs kept for a long time, everything corresponds to the description, the store recommend.

Verified Buyer
22 May 2021 18:12

recvd and tried it today, awesome, going to order other stimulators, recommend

Verified Buyer
22 May 2021 13:39

The product came for 2 weeks by the store did not communicate with the seller in St. Petersburg as descriptions came

Verified Buyer
22 May 2021 07:18

es exacto de la foto, llego en 19 dias a chile. muy rapido el envio. falta probarlo.

Verified Buyer
22 May 2021 06:38

Order received! True icon (plus-fast delivery) does not work. Ordered 22.04 came 22.05. As what works has not yet been checked, the packaging is bound but there are no special damage in the interior. Otherwise I can recommend the store!

Verified Buyer
22 May 2021 02:15

Came, I thought that with charging microUSB, in the end without, so I have to change the batteries. Well, okay and so for 1650r purchased) the thing is good, took to restore the leg after the injury, the thing is good, it helps to reduce muscles and strengthen them!

Verified Buyer
20 May 2021 10:04

It works according to the operating instructions. I am satisfied with the product, thank you.

Verified Buyer
20 May 2021 09:18

It works very nice to wear it is not heavy it works with stacks

Verified Buyer
20 May 2021 01:58

The goods are received, everything works! Shop and Seller recommend!

Verified Buyer
19 May 2021 05:50

Come in 30 days. Everything works fine.

Verified Buyer
18 May 2021 11:04

Delivery fast, the store sent on the same day! all the whole! how to try to add a review!

Verified Buyer
17 May 2021 04:16

have use it yet but it reach fast

Verified Buyer
16 May 2021 13:36

Perfect. Works perfectly. Used for injury musculature.

Verified Buyer
16 May 2021 10:50

Fast shipping. The husband tried and shouted "aaaaaaaigit! Oh, how cool! I feel my fat melt! And in the morning woke up, and on the stomach 18 cubes! So then guys, "thing"! It is necessary to take

Verified Buyer
16 May 2021 05:14

As in the photo, I haven't proved yet.

Verified Buyer
15 May 2021 22:13

The product corresponds to the description

Verified Buyer
15 May 2021 17:52

Well arrival with use

Verified Buyer
15 May 2021 10:35

Item is tracked. All right, works. At the highest power very much even beats

Verified Buyer
14 May 2021 15:41

Product Super faithful to descriptive, it works with small batteries which are not included. Camera works very well, to see the effect on the long-term

Verified Buyer
14 May 2021 10:20

It works! Difficult to date making an opinion. Make you in 15 days!

Verified Buyer
14 May 2021 09:07

It came quickly in 2 with a small week, tracked. It came packed in a bag with a gun, all intact, on the "butterfly", on a rubber base the edges were bent because of the unsuccessful laying, but they straighten if lie on a flat surface, so I do not nip to this) the first thing I did tested on the guy small strips on my hands Ah, they were stabbed like tentacles Cthulhu: D then decided to try a butterfly on the belly, like the effect is punched)) Because of ang. The tongue was small stuffing, so everything was tried by the method of poke and everything became clear how it works. 3A batteries are needed, not included) Photo do not apply, all as in the picture)) I really see a difference even after just 1 week. I love this actually!

Verified Buyer
14 May 2021 07:00


Verified Buyer
13 May 2021 21:27

Received for 2 weeks. Works. On the stomach, the pad, and well, the hands are excellent, and they punch on the stomach perfectly.

Verified Buyer
13 May 2021 16:50

Excellent I arrive well and in few days

Verified Buyer
13 May 2021 15:55

I am happy with the device. it stimulates muscles while you are surfing.

Verified Buyer
13 May 2021 15:46

It works perfect and attaches super well to the skin. 100% recommended.

Verified Buyer
13 May 2021 11:18

Good simulator

Verified Buyer
12 May 2021 07:48

Just like the image... already used... strong device for the price... thanks!!!!

Verified Buyer
11 May 2021 05:07

I don't know how it works yet. There's no way to check.

Verified Buyer
10 May 2021 21:40

The goods are satisfied. The order came quickly. Everything works well.

Verified Buyer
10 May 2021 13:05

Delivery 2 weeks. Packing is not strong enough. Boxes are crumpled, but inside everything is whole. Already tried in the case. Works with batteries and batteries, but with batteries, the effect is much more pronounced. And I recommend the goods and the store but still advise the seller to pack better, because in case of more serious damage the claim will be completely justified.

Verified Buyer
10 May 2021 09:06

Super quickly did not expect 2 weeks before Mo. I tried the sensations quite interesting.

Verified Buyer
10 May 2021 04:43

In Iceland the parcel was a month. The device works... Thank you.

Verified Buyer
10 May 2021 02:19

It all came very well now it's missing to prove that such

Verified Buyer
9 May 2021 06:17

looks nice.

Verified Buyer
6 May 2021 17:00

Produto excelente, do jeito que esperava, recomendo a todos

Verified Buyer
4 May 2021 07:34

Seller sent order 5 days!

Verified Buyer
4 May 2021 02:21

Came working) batteries are not included

Verified Buyer
3 May 2021 23:05

Beats, but not very much. And it works.

Verified Buyer
3 May 2021 20:01

Everything works fine, excellent order

Verified Buyer
3 May 2021 17:59

the package was a bit rumpled, but the goods r OK. works fine and gives pretty strange experience. ur muscles will work weather u want or not. I'm not sure that it can gain ur power, but at least it works!

Verified Buyer
3 May 2021 11:34

Ordered on February 12, delivered on March 3. Without damage. Everything works.

Verified Buyer
3 May 2021 09:21

The order was made by Feb. 11 2020 and 03.03.2020 I received the order 21 days to the Volgograd region. The description fully corresponds. Just for some reason the store put the order in an ordinary plastic bag. Probably regretted the money for a normal cardboard package. there is no instruction how to use the simulator. Say guess yourself. there is some folded paper in the accordion in three leaves. I haven't tried it yet. As I try to add a review. I recommend the seller as reliable.

Verified Buyer
3 May 2021 08:42

Works perfectly. Might need more gel pads later on.

Verified Buyer
3 May 2021 07:47

Very satisfied with the product and the service.... Great pa

Verified Buyer
3 May 2021 05:04

Looks good, although smaller in size than thought. I haven't checked yet.

Verified Buyer
3 May 2021 02:39

Everything came perfectly packed in a puppy, despite the holidays about the terms I do not write because I understood here the store as a hostage of circumstances all in appearance corresponds to the description of the check I will add a review.

Verified Buyer
2 May 2021 15:31

Still will test, more all arrived as the ad.

Verified Buyer
2 May 2021 14:08

All right, I buy from this shop a lot and its all goody

Verified Buyer
2 May 2021 10:10

Got a simulator. All in the kit is present. The order was sent the next day. The parcel went a little less than a month. Everything works, but how effective, is not clear. =)

Verified Buyer
2 May 2021 06:12

The wife calls it a lazy simulator. There is something in it. The instructions recommend to perform three sessions of 12-15 minutes per day. Active elements that should be attached to the body, have a "adhesive" surface. That's a weak spot, by the way. We don't know how long she'll live. However, the momentum is quite tangible. There are four programs. It feels like the latter is the most diverse and "strong".

Verified Buyer
28 Apr 2021 17:38

Chegou super rápido e parece bom. Tomara que valha a pena

Verified Buyer
28 Apr 2021 13:32

I highly recommend a product that you are satisfied

Verified Buyer
28 Apr 2021 04:58

Stimulation shock. Cool I like came for 2 weeks.

Verified Buyer
27 Apr 2021 12:41

Hi arrived well I use it everyday arrived 25/02.

Verified Buyer
27 Apr 2021 07:27

According to the order

Verified Buyer
27 Apr 2021 01:39

Very cool relaxes after training just unrealistically there are speed modes all increases in general I recommend

Verified Buyer
26 Apr 2021 19:01

All very well. It was even delivered before the deadline. Recommended!

Verified Buyer
26 Apr 2021 05:03

Shipping is super fast. There are no batteries included. With batteries works. 4 modes from weak to strong. All OK.

Verified Buyer
25 Apr 2021 20:35

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A few reasons why buy from SM:


We try our best to make your shopping experience not only pleasant, seamless and hassle-free, but also secure.


Enjoy flexible international shipping services that currently operate in over 240 countries across the world.


It's okay to change your mind! You can send your order back for a full refund, we've got you covered with our full Buyer protection.


Brand new products are available on a regular basis.


We don't want you to choose between the best value and the best service. That's why we offer competitive pricing.


Knowledgeable and professional support team is always happy to help you.


Check your order status online. As easy as that!


All our terms and policies are available at the footer of all our pages.

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