Skateline: 11.28.2023

Gary dives into Jack O'Grady's Squish Pass~Port part, Chris Gregson's Blood Wizard part, April's Turbo Green video, Braden Gonzales' Nine to Five video, Evan Smith for Clearweather and more in today's episode of Skateline. 

logo.png  By SM  Nov 29, 2023

Kotora Mitani's "Kotora" adidas Part

Kotora began the year by blowing minds in LENZ III, kept us hooked on the Hot~Pot tour and now brings the quick hits once again for adidas.

logo.png  By SM  Nov 28, 2023

Jack O'Grady's "SQUISH" Interview

Jack stayed on the road or in the air almost the whole year. After he moved to LA, nabbed the front and stacked a mountain of clips, we caught up with the international playboy to see how he made 2023 one for the books. Don't wanna be the DCOTY? Read up.

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Jack O’Grady’s “SQUISH” Pass~Port Part

In his young career, Jack's already bagged three covers and made waves in the biggest videos on the planet. Adding to his incredible performance in 7 Ball, he embarks on a global crusade with unforgettable hits from Sydney, LA and Paris.

logo.png  By SM  Nov 28, 2023