Yuri Facchini's "Shake Junt" Part

Yuri takes down iconic blocks from Brazil to Barci in his hot new part for Shake Junt.

logo.png  By SM  Jan 20, 2024

Ishod Wair's "Wair Max Freestyle" Part

Undeniable greatness every time he steps on board, Ishod's got a new part for his second Nike shoe. What more do you want? Watch it now.

logo.png  By SM  Jan 20, 2024

Cold Call: Braden Hoban

Braden is a road warrior of the highest order, crisscrossing the country in the Yeto van with Dakota, CJ and Reyes, steamrolling every rail, hubba and set in sight. Ride along with the crew...

logo.png  By SM  Jan 20, 2024

SKF's "What’s In These Bearings?" Video

Ishod, Oski and Louie make cameos when Kader's board gets away for the day thanks to his quick-rolling SKF bearings. Grant Yansura's fingerprints are all over this one. 

logo.png  By SM  Jan 19, 2024