Passing the Torch - Tyshawn’s SOTY Trip

Music rights held up this vid for an eternity, but we’re finally in the clear. Tyshawn and his squad took a victory lap in Australia last year, blasting over everything in their path until Mr Jones stomped a cover-worthy backside flip for the ages.

logo.png  By SM  Feb 10, 2024

Felipe Gustavo for Bones Wheels

Felipe walks through his decision to switch over to the new X-Formula Bones Wheels and brings the clips to back it up.

logo.png  By SM  Feb 9, 2024

Fabiana Delfino's "Pinball Wizard" Santa Cruz Video

Fabi throws some quarters into the pinball machine and beats down a barrier with the new sled from Santa Cruz.

logo.png  By SM  Feb 9, 2024