Johnny's Vid

An artist in his own right, Johnny Wilson captures his unparalleled friend group, including stunning parts from Antonio Durao and Karim Callender. They've done it again.

logo.png  By SM  Aug 12, 2023

Ed Templeton's "Wires Crossed" Interview

Ed Templeton's new book gives a rare inside look at the lives of some of the biggest names from 1995 to 2012. Along with a sneak peek at the pages, Burnett talks to Ed about the gross motels, violent Russian cops, the evolution of gender roles and what it

logo.png  By SM  Aug 12, 2023

Emilio Dufour's "Out of Office" Vans Part

Never one to languish behind a desk, Emilio forges a masterwork of power and technical prowess in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. This is the dude to watch.

logo.png  By SM  Aug 12, 2023

Julian Agliardi's "Back To School" FP Footwear Video

After Professor Brezinski dismisses class, Julian runs a hot line through the school grounds for FP Footwear.

logo.png  By SM  Aug 11, 2023