Vern Laird's "50th Birthday" Part

Vern takes a break from the inbox to put down a powerful part for his 50th rip around the sun. Set to the sounds of classic East Coast hardcore, this one will get you pumped. HBD, Vern!  

logo.png  By SM  May 29, 2024

SKATELINE: 05.28.2024

Gary gets into Mark Suciu's Nine Days: NY to Maine video, Toy Machine's REAL LIFE SUCKS video, The Wake Up Massi video, Pedro Delfino's YouTube and more in today's episode of Skateline.  

logo.png  By SM  May 29, 2024

Last Resort AB “Doomed from the Jump” Video

Charging makeshift jams, sidewalk spots and iconic West Coast terrain, Chris Milic, Jesse Alba, Dane Brady and the Last Resort team refine their inventive approach. Frankie Decker's closing hits will scramble your brain.

logo.png  By SM  May 28, 2024

Sean Ryan's " In Arcadia" Part

Tasteful tech, high-stake hits and a classic style, Sean Ryan’s new VX part out of Australia checks all the boxes. 

logo.png  By SM  May 25, 2024