Austyn Gillette’s “Know You My Own Way” Globe Skateboarding

Austyn puts his whole heart into video parts, blending powerful lines, impeccable form and groundbreaking moves. From the hydrant hit to the finalé, this global tear is top-tier.

logo.png  By SM  Oct 19, 2023

Jordan Trahan's "Hurricane Party" Pepper Grip Part

A beautiful exploration of his home turf, Jordan powers through New Orleans and clips up for Pepper.

logo.png  By SM  Oct 18, 2023

Vans Reveals the Rowan 2

Vans re-ups on Rowan's pro lineup with a new signature shoe and a capsule of other goods to match. Get yours October 20th. 

logo.png  By SM  Oct 18, 2023

The Zzzahara Interview

Heavily influenced by the music in skate videos, LA's Zzzahara brings reverb-soaked riffs with heartbreaking lyrics that would compliment any video part. We caught up with the artist at Echo Park to talk about embracing emo, writing sad songs and what the

logo.png  By SM  Oct 18, 2023