Vans X Dime Party in Paris Photos

Vans X Dime Party in Paris Photos 10/04/2023 Dime and Vans linked up in the City of Love to drop a new shoe and shock the fashion-week crowds. Pop-ups, demos and street sessions ensued, so we got Parisian photographer Thibault Le Nours to report on all the excitement. See what you missed or can barely remember while recovering from the afterparty.

Photos by Thibault Le Nours, Davy Van Laere and Dan Mathieu

DimeVansParis WEB 2Dime and Vans kept things low-key leading in, but here we get our first look at the pop-up store and party boat

DimeVansParis WEB 15Paris is the City of Love, after all

DimeVansParis WEB 25Looks like the party’s on!

DimeVansParis WEB 35Nonni and Pires enjoying the scene

DimeVansParis WEB 41Of course, Brian has Parisian fans

DimeVansParis WEB 55 Thrasher Magazine 1500Seems like everything is going well for Bryan

DimeVansParis WEB 58Until… oh, no, are those…

DimeVansParis WEB 59… ninjas?!

DimeVansParis WEB 71Some of the finest European Rollerbladers

DimeVansParis WEB 72 Thrasher Magazine 1500Doobie brought out his party tricks at the Vega skateshop pregame

DimeVansParis WEB 74 Thrasher Magazine 1500Jake had to give it a try

DimeVansParis WEB 83The reason for the season, Dime X Vans new take on Rowley’s XLT

DimeVansParis WEB 89The morning after, it was time to hit the streets. This guy was saying something about Crocs being better than Vans, but he didn’t have the jiblets to back it up

DimeVansParis WEB 86Big crew at Creteil’s bank makes for a perfect Saturday afternoon

DimeVansParis WEB 91The Govs kicks off the bank session with a back tail

DimeVansParis WEB 94Silver fox Ben Aurelien goes frontside

DimeVansParis WEB 98Guest of honor Geoff Rowley hucks a heel

DimeVansParis WEB 114He's in great spirits

DimeVansParis WEB 118And it's back to business

DimeVansParis WEB 122The crowd was hyped

DimeVansParis WEB 124Footy is lookin’ nice, bro

DimeVansParis WEB 105Nothin’ beats a session at Creteil’s. Now it’s time for the main event

DimeVansParis WEB 137Next spot, the Parisians line up for the Dime show

DimeVansParis WEB 149Come on, baby, let’s go party

DimeVansParis WEB 152Helena Long and Breezy reunited

DimeVansParis WEB 166Today’s playground

DimeVansParis WEB 164The course has gotta be clean

DimeVansParis WEB 163The run-up's gettin' packed

DimeVansParis WEB 170Conor made it all the way from Montreal to say those three magic words…

DimeVansParis WEB 172LET’S FUCKING GO!

DimeVansParis WEB 171This crowd is fired up

DimeVansParis WEB 174First obstacle, the dreamy granite block. Dime's Alexander Mitchell sets it off with a Suski

DimeVansParis WEB 177OHHH YEAHHH! Alexis kicks a nollie one-footed Smith. He’s truly one of a kind

DM 231001 DimeParis SecretSession 00568Jan twists on the edge of the ledge

DM 231001 DimeParis SecretSession 00637Elijah Odom brought the heat from Miami

DM 231001 DimeParis SecretSession 00726 Thrasher Magazine 1500Hugo Balek boosts into a front shove 50-50 with the bump assist

DimeVansParis WEB 183Someone’s always gotta eat the floor

DimeVansParis WEB 195Curren always brings the style, front 180 crooks

DimeVansParis WEB 202Doobie’s true calling was always to be a B-boy

DimeVansParis WEB 203Doobie isn’t the only one who loves to dance

DimeVansParis WEB 214Uncle Dustin likes the show

DimeVansParis WEB 223Opening up the ramp to ramp, Vans company man Shealy torques a massive melon grab

DimeVansParis WEB 228Dime and Vans' star player had to get a piece. Big O from Lil’ Tubsy

DimeVansParis WEB 237Next spot, Curren nosegrinds the rack and clears the Snack

DimeVansParis WEB 240Rob Maatman gettin’ Curren’s back

DimeVansParis WEB 251Marius keeps his back tail streak going

DimeVansParis WEB 258Tom Belot shops clearance

DimeVansParis WEB 259Mika Germond grabs a one-off

DM 231001 DimeParis SecretSession 00963 Thrasher Magazine 1500Doobie pulls off a front feeble over the secret shopper

Vans Dime Sunday Event 2382Curren floats one of the smoothest kickflip lips ever

DimeVansParis WEB 269Then we turn the bar for some high-steppin'. Will Marshall's frontside bigspins are always a crowdpleaser

DimeVansParis WEB 275Mika gives the French audience some Japanese flavor

DimeVansParis WEB 276Simon Perottet, shifty ‘cause he’s in the city

DimeVansParis WEB 288K Walks flys over the fall line with his patented front 180

DimeVansParis WEB 148Is that Baby Bryan?!

DM 231001 DimeParis SecretSession 01020We want more!

Vans Dime Sunday Event 3654 Thrasher Magazine 1500Ding dong

DimeVansParis WEB 291 Thrasher Magazine 1500And Pfan Man comes in to end the show with a huge kickflip over the new drop

DimeVansParis WEB 300We deserve a cold one…or two! Thanks to everyone for coming out. Thank you, Dime and Vans, for always bringing the excitement. Now go grab a pair of those re-issues to complete your early-2000s throwback look
  • Vans
  • Dime
  • Martino Cattaneo
  • victor pellegrin
  • Jake Johnson
  • Marius Syvanen
  • Geoff Rowley
  • Ben Aurelien
  • Mika Germond
  • Helena Long
  • Breana Geering
  • Korahn Gayle
  • Conor Neeson
  • Alexis Lacroix
  • Elijah Odom
  • Curren Caples
  • Dustin Dollin
  • Kevin Shealy
  • Una Farrar
  • Tom Belot
  • Will Marshall
  • Simon Perottet
  • Kyle Walker
  • Chris Pfanner
  • Thibault Le Nours
  • robin bolian
  • Rob Maatman
  • Jan Hirt
  • Hugo Balek
  • Noah Migotti
  • Corey Mcneil
  • Augustin Giovannoni
  • Bryan

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